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We do our best to get back to messages quickly. Please allow up to 48 hours or 2 Business Days for a response. When you're not dropping airmails or pushing through blockers give us a shout. 

BB Update: 11/19/21

Currently we are experiencing a few delays. If you are curious about out of stock product. Use the "Email when Available" on the product page and you will be notified the second it is available. 

Custom Backpacks: Custom Backpacks are slightly delayed right now but we are working on getting those caught up very quickly. All custom backpacks typically take 15-20 business days. Right now we are about 20-30 in some rare cases. 

Backpack Inventory: Due to the holiday rush we getting inventory added daily. When possible we are adding a pre-order function to get your order in and will be shipped as quickly as possible at the provided ship date. 

Patch Inventory: Tons of patches will be coming back in-stock soon. On the patch page will out the "email when available" and you will get emailed the second we make inventory available. 

Missing Patches: We are aware a few patches are out of stock and not included in some orders. If your order was missing a Lets Go, I Got Dem Bags, Camo Bags Boards, Blackout Bags Boards, Say When or Golden Bags Boards we are aware and you order was added to a list and will automatically ship when they are back in-stock. We sent the rest of your order to not delay waiting on 1 patch.